David Myers PGA

dmyersprogolfer@aol.com  -  07775 506091
Macclesfield Golf Academy
NW Disability Golf Specialist, Level 4 PGA Prof, CITC &
Battle Back Golf Coach. SSSP & HSBC Golf Roots Coach
David provides coaching to members and visitors of Macclesfield Golf Club. He holds regular group sessions and personalised coaching on an individual basis.
David can help you work on all aspects of your game including:
* Long Game
* Short Game
* Putting
* Bunker Play
* Course Management
* Mental Approach
David's Philosophy is to keep things simple and jargon free. He looks at your game and offers guidance and improvements in a subtle and easy to understand manner.
Some Facts
  1. 1250
    Golf balls
  2. 400
    Missing balls
  3. 1200
    Satisfied customers
  4. 130
    Pro players
  1. My Vision
    I want to help golfers get the most out of your game by providing bespoke coaching to help you enjoy your game and improve your score.
  2. My Philosophy
    I work in a relaxed manner and keep my coaching simple and easy to understand. I tend not to use expensive computer analysis systems, I work with golfers on their swing and the areas they are looking to improve.
  3. My Goals
    My ambition is to provide a personal friendly service in a clear way. There's nothing better than when people get back in touch to let me know how I have helped with their game.
  4. My Success
    I have helped many golfers of all abilities get the most from their game. I work with players on all aspects of their game to help them improve in all areas.